Ghasem Zaefarian

Ghasem Zaefarian



BSc: Industrial Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Iran

MSc: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Sharif University of Technology, Iran

PhD: Marketing, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK


Dr. Ghasem Zaefarian is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Leeds University Business School. He earned his PhD at Manchester Business School. His research interests focus on services, business marketing and international marketing fields of research.   His research has been published or currently is under review in many journals of international repute including Industrial Marketing Management, Long Range Planning, and International Journal of Operations and Product Management. His works are also regularly presented at leading academic conferences across the world. 

Dr. Zaefarian currently serves as an Associate Editor of the Industrial Marketing Management and on the review panel of several leading Journals as an ad hoc reviewer.  His classroom teaching and doctoral supervision work spans several areas of services marketing and B2B marketing.

 Dr. Zaefarians research focuses on the following areas; He is willing to undertake PhD supervision on research questions falling within these general areas:

 B2B Marketing
o Relationship ending capabilities
o Interorganisational relationships Measurement and Management
o Relationship Marketing
o Networks and Networking capabilities
 Services Marketing
o Service recovery strategy application of fairness theory
o Managing the Services Environment Analysing the Servicescape
o Customer satisfaction

LUBS5470M MSc International Services Marketing

LUBS5210M MSc Marketing for Management

Teaching at MSc programs
Marketing Divisions representative in Academic Integrity committee

Research interests

My research foci span business and global marketing as well as organizational psychology. Over the years, I have studied buyer-seller relationships and business partnership dynamics in multinational companies.

Within the broad topic of business marketing, my primary focus has been on buyer-supplier relationships and networks. The second theme of my research is global marketing, focusing predominantly on the different aspects of multinational companies. Within this subject topic, a particular strand of my research focuses on cross-border customer engagement. Another strand of my research within this theme focuses on innovation and knowledge management from the social capital perspective. The third theme of my research focuses on services marketing in a business-to-business context. The fourth and emerging theme of my research focuses on organizational psychology. Currently I am working on the psychology of partnership exchange focusing on drivers of opportunism in interfirm and intrafirm partnership.

Current postgraduate researchers