Dr Andrea Taylor


Qualifications BSc (Hons) Psychology, University of Lancaster  MSc Psychology, University of Bolton  PhD Psychology, University of Bolton

Experience Dr. Andrea Taylor currently holds posts at both the Centre for Decision Research, Leeds University Business School, and the Sustainability Research Institute, School for Earth and the Environment. Her academic background is in the psychology of risk, judgment and decision making, with her PhD work focusing on the effect of numeracy and emotion on decision making under risk. More recently recently she has been involved in research examining public perceptions of climate change risk and adaptation, along with a HEIF funded project studying the impact of aging on cognition. At present she works on Work Package 33 of the Framework Seven EUPORIAS project (http://www.euporias.eu/). The EUPORIAS project was undertaken to develop the provision of seasonal-to-decadal climate predictions in Europe. Work Package 33 focusses on developing best practice in the communication of uncertainty to end-users in a range of organisations. She is also involved in ongoing research further exploring the role of emotion in decisions about personal finance, health, and the environment. 

Research Focus Andreas research focusses on judgement and decision making in a number of domains including finance, health, climate and the environment. Areas of special interest include the perception and communication of climate risk and uncertainty; peoples perceptions and use of probabilistic information; individual differences in decision making; and the role of emotion in decision making under risk.

Research Grants Leeds University Seedcorn Fund (PI: Andrea Taylor) Role: PI. Dates: 17/07/2013 17/07/2014. (1500) Title: Emotion and probability neglect in financial and medical decision making.

ESRC Urgent Research Grant (PI: Wandi Bruine de Bruin) Role: Researcher. Dates: 01/10/13 01/01/2015. (166000) Title: Understanding public perceptions of and responses to heatwaves: A behavioural decision research approach.

Recent Projects EUPORIAS, European Union Framework 7 Role: Co-Leader of Work Package 33 (Communicating Levels of Confidence in Seasonal to Decadal Climate Predictions) (April 2013 Present) Understanding public perceptions of and responses to heatwaves: A behavioural decision research approach, ESRC Role: Researcher (October 2013 December 2014)  The Role of emotion in risk perception and response to risk, Leeds University Business School Research Centre Funding Role: Researcher (March 2014 July 2014 (data analysis and publication ongoing)) Emotion and probability neglect in financial and medical decision making, University of Leeds Seedcorn Fund Role: PI (July 2013 July 2014)  Aging and Decision Making, HEIF Role: Research (March 2013 July 2013) Programme of research on preparedness, adaptation and risk (PREPARE), Defra Role: Researcher (September 2012 January 2013 (data analysis and publication ongoing))Since joining Leeds University Business School Andrea has taught on LUBS 1785 (Introduction to Effective Decision Making) and LUBS 3885 (Management Decision Making). She also has experience of a delivering a range of classes including: undergraduate research methods and statistics workshops and practicals; undergraduate career development seminars; postgraduate tutorials on the psychology of decision making; and workshops on the design and construction of computer controlled experiments.Communication of risk and uncertainty, the role of emotion and numeracy in choice, public perceptions of weather and climate change