Dr Bianca Orsi

Dr Bianca Orsi


I joined the Leeds University Business School as a Teaching Fellow in Economics. I completed my BA in Economics in 2012, MSc Economics in 2014 and PhD in Economics 2019.

Research interests

My main research interests are on monetary policy, monetary policy transmission mechanism, inflation, capital controls, interest rate, exchange rate, currency internationalization and currency hierarchy, financial integration.  


  • Phd in Economics - University of Leeds
  • MSc in Economics - University of Leeds
  • BSc in Economics - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)

Professional memberships

  • Post-Keynesian Economic Society (PKES)
  • Associação Keynesiana Brasileira (AKB)

Student education

LUBS1260         Mathematics for Economics and Business 1

LUBS1270         Statistics for Economics and Business 1

LUBS1285         Mathematics and Statistics for Economics and Business 1B

LUBS1290         Economic Controversies

LUBS1620         Schools of Thought in Economics

LUBS1951         Economic Theory and Applications


LUBS2040         Theories of Growth, Value and Distribution

LUBS2610         Intermediate Macroeconomics

LUBS2500         Applied Economics


LUBS3303         Economics Dissertation

LUBS3302         Economics Joint Honours Final Year Project