Professor Steven Toms

Professor Steven Toms



  • BA (Hons) Modern History, Trinity College, Oxford, 1982 (MA, 1985).
  • Chartered Accountant, 1986
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Leicester University, 1987.
  • Master of Business Administration, CNAA, 1991.
  • Ph.D, University of Nottingham, March 1996,

Experience Professor Toms has extensive experience in both the professional and academic fields and joins us from the University of York Management School, of which he was the Head. Professor Toms has 15 years of senior  management, at Nottingham University as head of the undergraduate programme, chair of teaching committee and research director, before becoming Head of York Management School in 2004. Professor Toms’s research interests cover the role of accounting, accountability and corporate governance in the development of organisations, particularly from a historical perspective. He is interested in perspectives that integrate financial models with economic and organisational theory and corporate strategy. Specific applications range from business history, in particular cotton and other textiles trades to capital markets and social and environmental accounting. He was editor of the journal Business History, 2007-2013. He would be very interested to hear from anyone wishing to pursue collaborative research in any of these general or specific fields. He is available to supervise doctoral students in most areas of accounting and on the following specific topics:

  • Business and accounting history
  • Forensic accounting and finance

You can access Professor Toms's research papers on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN)


  • Departmental Director of Research

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