Kitchen Life 2


Kitchen Life 2 is a new social research project from the Food Standards Agency, exploring real-life behaviours in kitchens using innovative video capture, as well as surveys, interviews, food diaries, and other types of observation (such as monitoring fridge temperatures) to understand kitchen practices and behaviours in domestic and commercial kitchens. This research follows on from the original Kitchen Life study.

Research overview

As part of the Kitchen Life 2 research project, the FSA commissioned Basis Social and the University of Leeds to conduct a literature review. 

The literature review explores existing evidence on the key behaviours, actors, triggers and barriers to food hygiene behaviours (such as cleaning and cooking) in domestic and business kitchens. As well as published literature, expert interviews were also conducted to understand the impact of COVID-19 on food hygiene behaviours. 

The Kitchen Life 2 Literature Review provides a foundation for the scope and design of the Kitchen Life 2 project, and the development of subsequent behavioural interventions or risk assessment models. 

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Publications and outputs

Kitchen Life 2 – Literature Review