Dr Ekaete Efretuei

Ekaete graduated from The Centre for Advanced Studies in Finance (CASIF) in December 2013 with a PhD in Accounting and Finance. Ekaete went on to secure a position as Lecturer in Accounting at Keele University before joining Newcastle University as Lecturer in Accounting and Finance in 2016.

We caught up with Ekaete to ask her a few questions about her time at Leeds.

Q: Why did you choose to study at Leeds?
A: Leeds University is a world-renowned university, I was confident that a degree from Leeds University would open up opportunities. I was keen to develop my skills to achieve my full potential and Leeds University appeared to have the enabling environment to help me achieve these. It was also easy to identify a supervisor in my area of research from amongst the top quality staff in Leeds University.

Q: What did you enjoy most about your time at Leeds?
A: Leeds is a beautiful multicultural city. I enjoyed meeting and discussing research ideas and challenges with colleagues. The research support provided by CASIF, which helped me achieve my research goals was great.

Q: How did your time at Leeds prepare you for your future career?
A: The University of Leeds offered a good learning environment with modern facilities and a structured training plan that was balanced and effective. As research students, we were given opportunities to develop ourselves towards our chosen career path. Research collaborations with mentors and colleagues as well as sufficient working space, provided an enabling environment that allowed for innovation and excellence in my teaching and research. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience working with my supervisors who were well-respected scholars in their field, and always willing to offer advice.