Female Leadership and Performance Management Use: Cross-Country Empirical Evidence from Firm Level Survey

Using cross-country empirical evidence from a firm-level survey, Manhal Ali examines female leadership and performance management adoption.

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Using the data from the World Bank Enterprise Survey collected from 42 countries, the study examines the impact of women's leadership on the essential HRM practice of Performance Management. Using institutional theory, the study analyses the role of women CEOs in establishing and sustaining performance management best practices. The analysis based on the two-stage least squares regression technique, informs both HRM and women in leadership literature by demonstrating that performance management ‘best’ practices are more extensively used in organizations led by women more than those led by men. At the same time, the study argues that this effect is context-bound and is likely to be weaker in environments with complex labour regulations and financial constraints. In this way, this research helps to present an institutional-based explanation of why diversity may not lead to its purported benefits as well as why the impact of gender on organizational performance has not been conclusively established.


Manhal Ali is a Lecturer in Human Resource Analytics and Statistics at the Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds. He obtained his PhD in the area of managerial economics from the University of Manchester.

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