Louisa Hill


Student Experience Profile

Since starting in higher education, Louisa has worked in roles such as Lecturer, Programme Director, External Examiner and Academic Reviewer, to now being an Associate Professor.  Her passion to continually strive to enhance the student experience is demonstrated through the professional awards that she holds that include CMBE, SFHE, QTLS, RPA and RSA. She was awarded a Leeds Institute of Teaching Excellence and University Student Education Fellowship.

She holds a BA (Hons) in Economics and Legal Studies, PGCE in Post-Compulsory Education and Training, MA in Education and Doctorate (EdD) in Higher Education.  Her Doctorate in Education combined her interests in the professional development of business school academics and inclusive international practice.  Her thesis focused on organisational change management and individual resistance to change theory as a means of supporting business school academics in developing their internationalised teaching practices. 

She has worked with executive education, postgraduate research, postgraduate taught, undergraduate and foundation year students in a variety of higher education cultures.  She has a wealth of experience in providing an excellent student education experience on a range of business school programmes especially human resource management and professional development.

She is active in leading and providing professional development for academics and was a member of the working group that established the CMBE professional qualification for business school academics.  She has delivered training nationally for CABS and UKAT, led special interest groups and has mentored many academics.

Research Profile

Throughout her career, Louisa has been an active researcher, and has recently completed her Doctorate in Education and Leeds Institute of Teaching Excellence (LITE) Fellowship for her research excellence in student education.

Louisa’s doctoral research examined change management approaches at organisational level, combined with resistance management strategies for individuals and discipline groups, with the aim of engaging the majority of academics in a business school in using internationalised teaching practices. 

To disseminate best practice at international level, she regularly presents conference papers, as well as review articles for the Academy of Management Learning & Education.

She also supports postgraduate research students through thesis supervision, delivering teaching programmes and mentoring Advance HE Fellowship applicants. 


  • Thesis and Dissertation Supervisor
  • PGR Teaching Co-Ordinator
  • Professional Development Tutor

Research interests

My research activities and interests:

Doctorate in Education (EdD)

Managing the complexities of change to engage the majority of business school academics in internationalised teaching practices via:

  • Organisational Business School level – analysis of implementation approaches and elements in the process to successfully engage.

  • Individual Academic and Discipline Group level – examination of the challenges faced and the support required.

  • Resistance to Change – identification of a spectrum of mindsets in relation to academics’ resistance to using international teaching practices.

Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence Fellowship (LITE)

Developing evidence-based guidelines to enable inclusive interdisciplinary team working practices via:

  • Exploration of interdisciplinary teams to address global challenges.

  • Investigation of inclusive practices through divergence and convergence.

My other research includes:

  • Inclusive teaching and tutoring practices for diverse business school students

  • Internationalisation of the curriulum at home

  • Teacher training for doctoral students

My publications include:

Conference Papers

  • Hill, L. (2024). Promoting the Engagement in Internationalisation at Home Pedagogic Practices by Business School Academics. LUBS: Research Conference.

  • Diers-Lienke, C., Hill, L. & Jokipakka, K. (2023) Successful Organisational Change: An Ecosystems Approach to Taking Internationalisation Beyond Mobility. EAIE: Annual Conference.

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Journal Articles

  • Hill, L. & Viragos, A. (2020) Book Review: Internationalization and Employability in Higher Education. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 19 (4).

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Book Chapters

  • Hill, L. (2024) The Topsy-Turvy Developments of a Full-Time Academic Studying a Part-Time Thesis on Internationalisation at Home. In Jones, E., Norlin, B., Rönnqvist, C. & Sullivan, K. P. H. (Eds). Internationalising the Doctoral Experience: Models, Opportunities and Outcomes. London: Routledge.


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  • EdD in Higher Education
  • MA in Education
  • PGCE in Post-Compulsory Education and Training
  • BA (Hons) Economics and Legal Studies

Professional memberships

  • Academy of Management Organisational Behaviour division
  • Chartered Association of Business Schools
  • United Kingdom Advising and Tutoring association

Student education

My student experience interests and activities involve:

Professional Development Leadership Activities

  • Development of the Certified Management and Business Educator scheme

  • Delivering national and local professional development training on partnerships with students and inclusive teaching practices 

  • Leading special interests groups across the UK on international student tutoring

  • PGR Teacher Training Co-ordination

  • Course Leadership of the PGR Training to Teach programme

  • Mentoring academics in student education practices, professional and promotion applications.


Teaching-Focussed Activities

  • External Examination and Academic Reviewer of MA in Education Leadership BA (Hons) Business Management, HND Business

  • Programme Directorship of Human Resource Management, Leadership and Change Management, Business Management

  • Module Leadership of a wide range of modules including people management and development, human resource management, work-based learning, managing effective teams, study to work, dissertation and acadmics skills.

  • Thesis and Dissertation Supervision including discrimination in the workplace, internationalisation in higher education

  • Professional Development Tuition on the recruitment and selection process for graduates

  • Academic Personal Tutor including for international, access and foundation year students


Current postgraduate researchers