Louisa Hill


I have worked with a diverse body of students at foundation year degree to doctoral level in a variety of higher education institutions.  I am passionate about enhancing the student experience through the use of student-centred and inclusive teaching practices.  I actively lead continual professional development activities for teaching-focussed academics at local, national and international level.


  • PGR Teaching Co-Ordinator
  • PGR AFHEA Mentoring Co-Ordinator
  • Thesis and Dissertation Supervisor

Research interests



Conference Papers

  • Hill, L. (2022) An Exploration of the Benefits of Internationalisation at Home in Business Schools. University of Kent: Internationalisation at Home.
  • Hill, L. (2022) Inclusive Practices in an Online Employability Module. University of Lincoln: DigiEd Futures.
  • Hill, L. (2022) Overview of Internationalisation at Home. University of Leeds: World Unite Festival.
  • Hill, L., Smith, N. & Qudah, S. (2021) Falling back in love with unloved modules: Boosting student satisfaction in core skills modules through student-centred online teaching. CABS Learning, Teaching & Student Experience conference.
  • Hill, L. (2021) Inclusive Teaching Practices through Students as Partner on LUBS2020. University of Leeds: Student Education Teaching Forum.
  • Hill, L. (2021) Internationalisation at Home: Practices to Support Building Bridges between International and National Students for Intercultural Competence Development. UKAT: Annual Conference.
  • Hill, L. & Smith, N. (2021) Supporting International Students through Personal Tutorials. Open University: Conference on Access, Participation and Success.
  • Hill, L. (2020) Supporting Study to Work Students through Partnerships with Undergraduate and Graduate Students. RAISE: Pandemic Partnerships and Power.
  • Hill, L. & Hussain, M. (2020) Special Interest Group International Students Launch. UKAT: Festival of Ideas.
  • Hill, L. & Robinson, J. (2019) Generating Interdisciplinary Sustainability Projects in Commonwealth Countries Through Internationalisation at Home Teaching Practices. PRME Regional Charter UK and Ireland 6th Annual Conference.
  • Hill, L. & Dickinson, J. (2018) Capturing a Unicorn: Supporting Students to Succeed in the Competitive Placement Applications Process. Chartered ABS Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Annual Conference.
  • Hill, L. & Smith, N. (2018) ‘Yes, I am interested in you!’ – Enhancing Chinese Students’ Experience through Personal Tutorials. Chartered ABS Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Annual Conference. 
  • Hill, L. (2017) DICTATE: Developing Intercultural Competences Through Aviation (Drone) Technology Experiments. Chartered ABS Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Annual Conference. 
  • Hill, L. (2017) UBELing Doctoral Students’ Teacher Training: Using Blended Learning to Drive Teaching Excellence in Doctoral Students’ Teaching Training. Chartered ABS Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Annual Conference. 
  • Hill, L. (2016) Mind the Gap: Expectations and Support for Academics in Developing Intercultural Competencies in Higher Education. Internationalising the Curriculum Conference.
  • Hill, L. (2016) Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: An Examination of the Drivers Affecting Policy Formulation at Individual University Level. Fourth Research Student Conference.
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  • Hill, L. (2016) Butterflies in Your Stomach? Top Tips for Presenting at a Conference. Empowering the PhD.
  • Hill, L. (2015) Student Sounding Boards for Quality Enhancement. Enhancing Student Learning Through Innovative Scholarship Conference.
  • Hill, L. (2015) Having a Eureka Moment: Using Discovery Learning to Address the Needs of Widening Participation Students. University of Warwick’s Annual Conference.
  • Hill, L. (2013) Harnessing the Power of ‘iPal’. HEA Annual Conference.
  • Hill, L. (2013) Harnessing the Power of Internationalisation. First Annual Learning and Teaching Conference.






  • Leeds Institute for Excellence Fellow
  • University Student Education Fellow
  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Certified Management and Business Educator
  • Recognised Practitioner in Advising

Professional memberships

  • Chartered Association of Business Schools
  • UK Advising and Tutoring

Student education

External Roles

  • Academy of Management Reviewer
  • Chartered Association of Business Schools CPD Review Board
  • Internationalisation of Higher Education: Policy and Practice Reviewer


Current postgraduate researchers