Dr Peizhi Shi

Dr Peizhi Shi


I am a Lecturer in Applied Artificial Intelligence at the Centre for Decision ResearchUniversity of Leeds. In March 2019, I completed my PhD in Computer Science under the supervision of Dr Ke Chen from the Machine Learning and Optimization Group, School of Computer Science, University of Manchester. From 2019 to 2023, I served as a Research Fellow in Machine Learning at the Maths Group of the EPSRC Future Advanced Metrology Hub.

Research interests

My research interests are machine learning and its applications in intelligent system development. I have been working in machine learning for over ten years and have authored or co-authored a number of academic papers in various journals, such as IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, IEEE Transactions on Games, Virtual and Physical Prototyping, Computers & Industrial Engineering, and Cognitive Computation. For details, please visit my Google Scholar pages. The scope of my current research covers various aspects of Industry 4.0, involving the expansion of the role of machine learning in subtractive/additive manufacturing, engineering management, and operational research. After years of exploring the use of machine learning in engineering contexts, I would also like to expand my research focus to include larger scopes in business and social contexts. My current machine learning research topics include computer vision, 3D object detection, deep learning, semi-supervised learning, small-sample learning, and generalisable reinforcement learning.


  • PhD Computer Science, University of Manchester, UK

Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for Decision Research