Understanding the view on data from the C-Suite before, during and after Covid-19


Working with The Data Shed (data management specialists based in Leeds) to get an understanding of C-Suite Exectives’ attitudes to, and use of, data in their organisations. 

Developments in technology, data and analytics techniques offer a way to get valuable insights into the operational state and opportunities of an organisation that should be used for strategic decision-making. McKinsey note, however, that although opportunities are there, organisations struggle to embed analytics across the organisation and may not get the return on investment they had hoped for. The Data Shed’s survey investigates the extent of various organisations’ progress on this journey to analytical maturity and its impact on their business. A series of additional surveys in 2021 and 2022, in partnership with Leeds University Business School, will look at the impact of the pandemic and its aftermath.  

Understanding how Covid-19 has impacted on the development of analytical maturity, whether maturity has helped organisations to survive the impacts more successfully, and whether these skills can help in economic recovery is highly relevant. According to the ONS Covid-19 has caused a reduction in GDP more than twice that experienced in 2009 with the financial crisis. We want to explore the differential impact on organisations with different levels of maturity, and whether the pandemic has affected plans for analytical development. Ultimately, we want to explore with c-suite executives how analytic developments can help increase organisational resilience and recovery. 

Publications and outputs