Webinar - Performing under pressure

By understanding resilience and how to develop a resilient mind we can help ourselves build the strength and fortitude to overcome adversity, and to keep moving forward towards our goals.

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In this webinar Rhian Sherrington will explore the following areas: 

  • What is resilience? How can we help our brain to best work for us, improving personal performance as well as enjoying higher levels of well-being? 
  • Applying an evidence based, 8-step tool to assessing personal well-being, expanding participants’ ability to nurture a healthy mind through changing behaviours 
  • Goal setting and action planning to enhance personal performance under pressure 

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About the speaker

Rhian Sherrington, founder of Choose2Flourish Ltd, is an author, confidence and career coach, enhancing the lives of busy professionals looking to maximize their talents and passion in a way that supports a flourishing life.

In carving out her career path, Rhian has always followed her values and passions which has taken her from teaching environmental studies, running her own youth expeditions company, to leading behaviour change projects across the UK and being a government advisor to local authorities on sustainable travel.

Jumping out of a senior manager role to establishing Choose2Flourish has been the biggest and most rewarding change yet.