Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
Accounting and Finance Division

+ 44(0) 113 34 34508
Academic, Accounting and Finance


PhD, Finance, The University of Leeds

MSc, Financial Engineering, The Amirkabir  University of Technology, Iran

BSc, Industrial Engineering, The Amirkabir  University of Technology, Iran


Shima is interested in the following research areas:
Market Microstructures, Small Firms Finance, Initial Public Offerings, and Economic Geography. Her PhD research focused on small firm Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in the UK. In her PhD project she investigated the effects of location on the determinants of flotation, offer financial characteristics, long term performance and the failure and survival of IPOs.


LUBS 3110 Capital Market Theory
LUBS 5001M Security Investment Analysis

Shima has received the first Dean’s Awards for Teaching Excellence in the Leeds University Business School in recognition of the excellent scores for overall satisfaction in student module reviews.

Before her appointment as Lecturer, Shima was employed at Leeds University Business School as a teaching assistant on the following modules:

  • Corporate Finance (LUBS5780M)
  • Research Methods in Finance (LUBS5018M)
  • International Business Finance (LUBS5006M)
  • Business Finance 2 (LUBS2200)

Refereed Articles

“Accessing capital markets: Aristocrats and new share issues in the British bicycle boom of the 1890s”, Business History, forthcoming.

"The amount of raised capital by small IPOs: Spatial effect on the UK Alternative Investment Market", International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research, 2013, 19(3):344-358.

"The Failure of Small British IPOs on the UK Alternative Investment Market: A Research Note on Spatial and Industry Effects", International Small Business Journal, 2013, 31 (6): 722 – 733, (with K. Keasey).

"A Review of the International Literature on the Short Term Predictability of Stock Prices Conditional on Large Prior Price Changes: Microstructure, Behavioral and Risk Related Explanations", International Review of Financial Analysis, 2013, 26:1-17, (with K. Keasey, R. Hudson and B. Gebka).

''The Equity Funding of Smaller Growing Companies and Regional Stock Exchanges", International Small Business Journal, 2012, 30(8): 832-849, (with K. Keasey and R. Hudson).

"Stock Return Predictability Despite Low Autocorrelation", Economic Letters, 2010, 108 (1): 101-103, (with R. Hudson and K. Keasey).

'Evaluating Quantitative Stock Selection Strategies in Tehran Stock Exchange', Journal of Industrial Engineering International, 3(4): 14-23, 2007, (with A. M. Kimiagari).

Working Papers

Large Price Changes and Pervasive Non-Linearity in Financial Markets: Implications and Interpretations (with R. Hudson, J. Wang, and A. Urquhart).

Understanding the Evolution of the Share Price Norm, (with C. Cai)

The Investment Cash Flow Relationship: Does National Culture Matter? (with E. Kashefi-Pour and D. Duxbury).

Stock Splits, Opportunism and Sentiment (with A. Altanlar and P. Holmes)

Nominal Price Level and Noise Trading, (with C. Cai).

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