Phil Holmes

Chair in Financial Risk Management
Accounting and Finance Division

+44 (0) 113 34 31677
Academic, Accounting and Finance


PhD, Brunel University
MA in Public and Industrial Economics, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
BA Economics, Newcastle Upon Tyne Polytechnic


Current research interests:

  • Financial Derivatives
  • Behavioural finance
  • Corporate financial decisions
  • Visiting professor at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, 2007 - 2014.

Student Feedback

  • 'Excellent teaching staff in both lectures and classes!'
  • 'Good professor'
  • 'Excellent module, teachers were of high quality'
  • 'The course lecturer and class tutor are exceptionally good'

Refereed Publications

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         (invited paper for special issue on emerging capital markets)

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Editorships/ Editor’s Publications

  4. Founding editor (with Paudyal, K.) of Review of Behavioral Finance (2009 – date)

  3. (with Paudyal, K.), "Editorial", Review of Behavioral Finance, 1, 2009, 1-2. (Managing Editors’ introduction to first issue)

  2. (with Paudyal, K.) "Introduction", European Financial Management, 14, 2008, 11-11. (Guest Editors’ introduction to
        special issue on Behavioral Finance)

  1. Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the International Journal of Managerial Finance (2005 - 09)

Member of Program Committee:

 5. EFMA Conference, Rome, Italy, June 2014.

 4. MFS Symposium, Cyprus, 2014.

 3. EFMA Conference, Reading, UK, June 2013.

 2. IASTED International Conference on Financial Engineering and Applications, MIT, October 2006

 1. Co-organiser of "EFMA Behavioral Finance Symposium", Durham, April 2006

Published Books and Chapters in Books

  6.  Investment Appraisal, 1998, 160, International Thomson Publishing, London (reprinted 1999)

  5. "The Provision of Finance: Is the North Disadvantaged?". In The Northern Region Economy: Progress and
        Prospects in the North of England, (ed. by Lynne Evans, Peter Johnson and Barry Thomas), 1995, 151-170,
        Mansell Publishing Limited, London

  4. Financial Markets: An Introduction, 1995, 162, (with Dixon, R.), Chapman and Hall, London.
       (Revised version reprinted in paperback of:)

  3.  Financial Markets: The Guide for Business, 1992, 162, (with Dixon, R.), Chapman and Hall, London.

  2.  "An Analysis of the Growth in Invalidity Benefit Claims", 16-19, (with Lynch, M. and Molho, I.), Department of Social
        Security Research Yearbook, HMSO, 1991

  1. "Housing", In Markets, Intervention and Planning, (ed. by Roper, B. A. and Snowdon, B.), 1987, 213-233,
        Longman Group Ltd., London

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