Nicola Brown

Senior Lecturer in Organizational Psychology, Management Division

+44 (0)113 343 4594
Academic, Management, Centre for Decision Research (CDR), Staff, Research Centres, Divisions
1.20 Charles Thackrah


PhD Leeds
MSc in Social and Applied Psychology (Distinction), University of Kent at Canterbury
BSc in Psychology, (First Class Honours), University of Plymouth


Deputy Director LUBS Graduate School, Post Graduate Research Tutor (2011-present)
University Examinations Committee (2011-present)


My research interests focus on psychological theory in personal and organisational contexts, with particular reference to applied decision making.  My main current research activity is in five areas:

1)      The application of judgment decision making theory to understand the causes of domestic food waste and the implications thereof for waste reduction interventions

2)      The link between consumers’ perceptions of food related-risk, health and nutrition and domestic food waste.

3)      The effects of increased choice on decision behaviour in personal, consumer and business decisions.

4)      Strategic decision making under conditions of risk and uncertainty.  Using a variety of methodological approaches (e.g. cognitive mapping techniques) we seek to capture the way individuals mentally represent decision problems, with particular reference to managerial and business decisions.

5)      The relationship between personal and social identity and behaviour at work (Social Identity Theory). In particular, we examine how the way individuals categorise themselves and others as members of social groups affects behaviours such as the treatment of socially deviant colleagues, group creativity and reactions to mergers and acquisitions.

I welcome contact from prospective PhD candidates interested in these topics.

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Management Decision Making.

Applied Management Decision Making.


Advanced Management Decision Making

Management Decision Making (team member), MBA

Understanding Your Discipline (team member), PhD module


Refereed journal articles

Todd, Z, Madill, A., Shaw, N. & Bown, N. J. (2008).  Faculty members perceptions of how academic work is evaluated: Similarities and differences by gender.  Sex Roles, 59 (11-12), 765-775.

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Book Chapters

Abrams, D, Marques, J., Randsley de Moura, G., Hutchison, P. & Bown, N. J. (2003). The maintenance of entiativity: A subjective group dynamics approach.  In V. Y. Yzerbyt, C.M. Judd & O. Corneille (Eds) The Psychology of Group Perception: Perceived Variability Entiativity and Essentialism.  Philadelphia, PA: Psychology Press.  ISBN: 1841690619.

Maule, A. J, Hodgkinson, G. P. & Bown, N. J. (2003).  Cognitive mapping of causal reasoning in strategic decision making.  To appear in D. Hardman and L. Macchi (Eds.) Thinking: Psychological perspectives on reasoning, judgement and decision making.  Chichester: Wiley (pps 253-273). ISBN: 0471494577.

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