Senior Lecturer in Operations Management

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1.31 Charles Thackrah


PhD, University of Sheffield
BEng, (Hons) University of Sheffield


Having taken a mechanical / manufacturing engineering route to begin with, I moved in to the area of Management and Business when I joined Leeds University Business School in 1997. My PhD initiated my interest in performance management, which continues today in a wide variety of industry settings.


I have three main areas of current research: performance measurement, innovation and work-life balance. All three areas overlap to some degree with my primary teaching activities in operations management.

I have for a number of years been interested in performance measurement systems and their affect upon organizational systems and behaviours. The difficulty of measuring performance of innovation generation and sharing has led to a recent project investigating innovation types and knowledge 'stickiness'. A recent application of this has been in the utilities sector. With other colleagues, I have pursued my interest in performance measurement within the academic domain, particularly focusing upon the now current, Research Assessment Exercise and how this might affect work-life balance. I also have an interest in the social network analysis methodology and have used this to investigate innovation sharing and undergraduate peer communication.

I am one of the founder members of the Technology and Innovation Group: visit the TIGr website


Fundamentals of Operations Management, Undergraduate Levels 2 & 3
Operations and Information Management, Full-time MBA and Executive MBA
Operations Management, MSc in Business Management, Heilbronn Business School
Operations and Innovation Management, MSc in Management


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