Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance
Accounting and Finance Division

+ 44(0) 113 34 32173
Academic, Accounting and Finance
Room 2.04, 16 Clarendon Place
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I am an Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance at Leeds University Business School. I previously held the position of lecturer in Finance at Cardiff Business School between 2014 and 2018. In 2014, I was awarded a PhD in Finance from the University of Bristol where I also worked as a teaching assistant.


My research interests include mainly empirical corporate finance and corporate governance, such as executive compensation, board of directors, mergers and acquisitions, and dividend policies. I am also interested in corporate innovation, default risk, banking, corporate social responsibility and various aspects of behavioral finance (in particular the role of managerial overconfidence and gender diversity).


1. "Passing the Dividend Baton: The Impact of Dividend Policy on New CEOs' Initial Compensation" with Wei Song, and Marc Goergen, 2019. Journal of Corporate Finance, forthcoming.

2. "CEO and Director Compensation, CEO Turnover and Institutional Investors: Is There Cronyism in the UK?" with Marc Goergen, Woon Sau Leung and Wei Song, 2019, Journal of Banking & Finance 103, 18-35.

3. “Does Bank Stakeholder Orientation Enhance Financial Stability?” with Woon Sau Leung and Wei Song, 2019, Journal of Corporate Finance 56, 38-63.

4. "Does CDS trading affect risk-taking incentives in managerial compensation?" with Woon Sau Leung, Wei Song, and Davide Avino, 2019. Journal of Banking & Finance, forthcoming.

5. "Female board representation, corporate innovation and firm performance" with Woon Sau Leung and Kevin Evans, 2018. Journal of Empirical Finance 48, 236-254.

6. “Organization Capital, Labor Market Flexibility and Stock Returns around the World” with Woon Sau Leung, Khelifa Mazouz, and Geoffrey Wood, 2018, Journal of Banking & Finance 89, 150-168. 

7. “Initial Compensation Contracts for New Executives and Financial Distress Risk: An Empirical Investigation of UK Firms” with Amedeo De Cesari, Paula Hill, and Neslihan Ozkan, 2018, Journal of Corporate Finance 48, 292-313.

8. “The Impact of Board Gender Composition on Dividend Payouts” with Woon Sau Leung and Marc Goergen, 2017. Journal of Corporate Finance 43, 86-105.

9. “Are Employee-Friendly Workplaces Conducive to Innovation?” with Woon Sau Leung and Kevin Evans, 2016. Journal of Corporate Finance 40, 61-79.

10. “The Impact of Diverse Measures of Default Risk on UK Stock Returns” with Paula Hill, 2013. Journal of Banking & Finance 37, 5118–5131.

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