Support for Research

Access to a wide range of research support

  • Conference fund for those presenting at conferences
  • Study leave scheme
  • Annual postdoctoral fellowship scheme
  • Research centre funding scheme
  • Seed corn fund to pump prime new research ideas

Grant applications

The Faculty Research and Innovation Office provides valuable support to academics who are preparing external grant applications. This is delivered through dedicated grant writing support, hands on support for the development of robust project budgets, support with the development of pathways to impact, facilitation of peer review, support with bringing together multiple collaborators both across the Faculty, University and beyond, along with support for project budget management for those in receipt of external research funds. Further support is provided by the University's central Funding Development Team.

Research mentors are identified for all staff to ensure that appropriate publication strategies are developed, funding opportunities identified and careers paths considered and developed.

Those individuals joining us as postdoctoral researchers are supported through their attendance at the Faculty's Postdoctoral Support Scheme. This scheme creates a network of postdoctoral researchers across the Faculty and delivers hands on developmental workshops on a range of competencies including:

  • Getting Published
  • Sharing and Presenting Work
  • Writing Grant Applications
  • Building Your Career

Impact and Engagement seminars

A series of Impact and Engagement Seminars provides staff with advice on how to maximise the impact of their research and how to best develop engaged research agendas. Examples of workshops that form part of this series are:

  • Working with Policy Makers, Government Departments and Large Organisations
  • Translation of Knowledge for the Business Community: Influencing Policy and Practice
  • The Impact Process: Initial Engagement to Impact, Operationalising Impact Activity