Professor Gary Dymski - Chair in Applied Economics

I came to Leeds from California to get involved with the research and debate around the Eurozone crisis as I believe that the resolution of the Eurozone’s dilemmas holds the key to real global recovery.

Professor Gary Dymski

At Leeds I also have great opportunities to work with colleagues in other disciplines on new and challenging problems. Our new research centre, the Applied Institute for Research in Economics (AIRE) is already connecting economists around the campus to work on areas such as environmental sustainability, urban development and inequality.

Over the past 20 years my research has spanned subprime lending and global financial crises, poverty and development. My work has taken me to academic institutions in Latin America, Asia and Europe. All these links are now helping AIRE to expand, connecting to other research programmes and building bridges between Leeds and other locations globally.

Some of the research we do here will help shape European policy but we are also working closer to home, developing research and policy links with the local community and in particular with third sector organisations and with Leeds City Council.

I enjoy theory, but I always want to plug it into real world-issues, and this institute will help our academics engage more deeply in research being carried out across the university and within the region, as well as in Europe and the rest of the world.