Ideas in Practice Seminars

Ideas in Practice Seminars 2016-17

Ideas in Practice is a seminar series led by Leeds University Business School with the aim of bringing business people, policy makers and academics together. Our aim is to discuss important topics and share ideas to help companies and public bodies.

Our programme of seminars in Leeds and London addresses key issue in areas such as technology and innovation, finance and the economy, international business strategy as well as environmental sustainability and inclusive societies.

Our aim is to engage with external organisations in order to make a real difference to society and economy both in the UK and globally. We look forward to seeing you at our Ideas in Practice Seminars.

Top 5 reasons to attend Ideas in Practice:

  • Insights from leading experts in specific areas
  • Bringing together people from different areas with different perspectives
  • Opportunity to collaborate on projects - small to large
  • Take part in dialogue on important issues of the day
  • Find out what other people are doing and how they overcome problems

Ideas in Practice Vision

  • The Ideas in Practice seminar series will support our aim of producing research that makes an impact on society, business and the economy
  • It may lead to new collaborations to do research, e.g., as part of a grant application to a research funding council
  • We know that a lot of published academic research is not of direct interest to businesses and hence we think it useful to have debates and discussions rather than talk about specific projects
  • We can bring leading experts on various topics from around the world into contact with business and policy audiences
  • We want to create a forum for bringing together ideas from people with different perspectives on a particular issue of current interest

All our Ideas in Practice events are free. We simply ask that if you cannot attend that you either send someone else in your place or try to let us know a little in advance.

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Forthcoming Programme: Leeds Events (October 2016 to June 2017)

Date Title Format and Timings Event Host/Speakers Venue
23 Nov Supply Chain Council Breakfast panel and workshop (07.30-09.30) Chee Yew Wong Radisson Blu, Leeds
01 Dec Women in Management: Inspiring and Helping Women and Increasing Opportunities Lunch event Cathy Cassell Aspire, Sterling Suite, Leeds
Jan/Feb HR Directors Network: Working with Regional HR Directors and Managers Early evening seminar and reception Chris Forde The Leeds Club, Leeds
Jan/Feb Manufacturing and Innovation Format tbc (09.30-13.30) Krsto Pandza, Fraunhofer, SPB and Nick Wilson
Feb/Mar Fashion and Textiles: British Fashion; Global Markets Early evening event with presentations and dinner Hinrich Voss

Forthcoming Programme: London Events (October 2016 to June 2017)

Date Title Format and Timings Event Host/Speakers Venue
16 Nov China Economy Breakfast panel (07.30-09.30) Peter Buckley and Kerry Brown (King's College) British Academy, London
05 Dec Future Technology and Policing Presentation and workshop (09.00-17.00) David Allen One Drummond Gate, London
Jan (tbc) China and Brexit Format and times tbc Peter Buckley London (venue tbc)
31 Mar Big Data Symposium Two-day symposium (09.00-17.00) Various British Academy, London