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Our aim is to produce and disseminate research of world-class quality within the School and through partnerships to increase knowledge, skills, understanding and impact.

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Global thinking from the Business School’s newest professors

Our professors come from all over the world and have international reputations for research and teaching. Their networks reach across every continent and their expertise crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries, reaching into areas such as anthropology, philosophy and psychology.

We want to introduce nine of our newest professors, who are helping the business school to engage with issues of global importance and whose first class teaching is cementing our position as the UK’s premier school for international business.

Professor Gary Dymski - Chair in Applied Economics

Over the past 20 years my research has spanned subprime lending and global financial crises, poverty and development. My work has taken me to academic institutions in Latin America, Asia and Europe. All these links are now helping AIRE to expand, connecting to other research programmes and building bridges between Leeds and other locations globally.

Professor Ann Cunliffe - Chair in Organisation Studies

My research interests are in management and leadership – both traditional areas for business schools – but my work looks beyond conventional management theories to draw on philosophy, sociology and anthropology. I use qualitative techniques, working with managers over a period of time to see how they lead, organise and motivate others.

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Professor Chee Yew Wong - Chair in Supply Chain Management

Every resource we use, from water and energy to food and consumer goods, has to go through a supply chain to reach us. The way those supply chains are structured and managed makes a huge difference to an organisation's profitability and society, so research in this area can have a real and beneficial impact on ecomomies.

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Professor Jackie Ford - Chair in Leadership and Organisation

Leadership is presented as the Holy Grail that will solve organisational woes and throughout my research I have focused on exploring new ways to conceptualise and practise leasdership and shed new light on one of the most desired, yet elusive phenomenon of our time.

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Professor Joško Brakus - Chair in Marketing

My field of research is consumer behaviour, particularly from a social psychological perspective. I'm interested in experiential marketing - how you can provide consumers with a compelling, meaningful experience to make them happy and increase brand loyalty.

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Professor Steve Toms - Chair in Accounting

I came to Leeds University Business School because of its excellent teaching and research reputation in my field of accounting and finance. I want to play a part in achieving its aspiration to be one of the world's top ranking business schools.

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Professor Timothy M Devinney - Leadership Chair in International Business

My diverse training in mathematics, psychology, economics and statistics gives me a unique approach to international business. To this I add an international perspective having held faculty positions in the US, Australia, Europe and Asia.

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Professor Wändi Bruine de Bruin - Leadership Chair in Behavioural Decision Making

How and why people make decisions is very complex. By understanding the various influences involved, we can develop interventions to help people make better decisions in their lives.

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Professor Irena Grugulis - Professor of Work and Skills

I came to Leeds to join a dynamic team, the strongest Work and Employment Relations group in the UK, and it's a privilege to be able to contribute to its success.

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Our research is informed by the real world and focuses on the problems and issues faced by industry, government and policy makers.

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