• Create Knowledge. Make an Impact
  • We believe our research should make a difference – inspiring business managers, exciting policymakers and informing society
  • Our focus is to successfully translate knowledge for policy and practice and our researchers connect to those who can make the best use of this knowledge
  • Our research is highly relevant to the challenging business and management issues facing decision makers today and helps them to make better policy and strategic changes

Our research quality is recognised by commercial and non-commercial organisations, government and policymakers.

At the start of every research project we consider the end users of our research, and what it will mean to them. We involve managers and policymakers in the initial design stages, and once the research is underway.


Professor Gary Dymski - Chair in Applied Economics

Over the past 20 years my research has spanned subprime lending and global financial crises, poverty and development. My work has taken me to academic institutions in Latin America, Asia and Europe. All these links are now helping AIRE to expand, connecting to other research programmes and building bridges between Leeds and other locations globally.

Professor Ann Cunliffe - Chair in Organisation Studies

My research interests are in management and leadership – both traditional areas for business schools – but my work looks beyond conventional management theories to draw on philosophy, sociology and anthropology. I use qualitative techniques, working with managers over a period of time to see how they lead, organise and motivate others.


This review of research and innovation highlights the contribution that the Business School is making to the knowledge and skills of the next generation of managers. Our research is informed by the real world and focuses on the problems and issues faced by industry, government and policy makers.