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Nicola Chance Thompson and Rebecca Padgett

Leeds University Business School held an SME Leaders Forum on 21 September 2023.

ProfessorJennifer Tomlinson

On 31 August, Professor Jennifer Tomlinson was featured in an article published by the New Civil Engineer about the gender pay gap in the construction industry.

Rebecca Padgett with Help to Grow July 2023 cohort

We are celebrating the achievements of more than 100 local SME business leaders, who have completed the government-backed Help to Grow programme.

Home working desk set-up with computer and lots of natural light

The UK risks a growing divide between organisations who have invested in new, artificial intelligence-enabled digital technologies and those who haven’t, new research suggests.

business open day 2023 banner

Leeds University Business School held their 'Business Open Day' on Thursday 22 June, giving local industry professionals the opportunity to meet and find out how they can work with the university.