Climate Action Training (CAT) launch

On 27 April Leeds University Business School launched its inaugural Climate Action Training (CAT) course. 

The launch event welcomed Ecologist and Science Communicator, Dr Aaron Thierry, whose keynote talk ‘Communicating the climate crisis’ provoked much discussion at the following networking lunch.

The course itself is a new 2-day eLearning masterclass, offering a holistic and interdisciplinary understanding of the climate crisis, and what is needed to tackle it. It will enable students and staff of all backgrounds to engage with, and act on, the climate crisis – whether in their studies, teaching, research, future careers, or in their private lives.

Professor Vera Trappman, Director of Sustainability at the Business School commented: “We are very pleased to provide foundational climate education to all LUBS students. Climate emergency is one of the biggest challenges for humanity and it is important that we all learn what we can do to mitigate global warming.

This masterclass will equip you - only within 12 hours! - with the science to understand global warming and the reasons why we are not acting fast enough.

Professor Paul Chatterton from the School of Geography also spoke at the event and said: “As we face converging climate and nature emergencies a group of academics and researchers at the University of Leeds have stepped up to respond with Climate Action Training. This is a detailed and no-nonsense course that gets to the heart of what we need to know and what we need to do. I would love to see it as essential training for all senior leaders and elected officials in universities and city councils across the UK and beyond. It would help them build the insights and knowledge to move their institutions towards a desperately needed emergency mode and deliver solutions for a more equal, green and fairer society.”

Students can sign up to the course here
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