Steven Hawkins

Steven Hawkins


I support the Management Division, working closely with a number of subject groups. Where I try to  focus on aiding the Division with their research outputs.

Much of my time is spent organising meetings, seminars, travel and divisional communications. I also provide a range of ad-hock support functions to a number of research centres, including the Socio-Technical Centre (STC) and Centre for Decision Research (CDR). Recently I have been added to the management team for the Workplace Behaviour Research Centre (WBRC) due to various responsibilities I have taken on with this group.

I enjoy this challenging role, using my knowledge, commitment and professionalism to help and improve the Division.

Before this I worked in an number of commercial roles for large and small companies.

Working for the Head of Planning and Forecasting at Capita for NHS front-line service, managing the telephony reportage, for their senior stakeholders. I also updated their holiday management process as part of their transformation program.

I provided multiple functions for the sales, production and development team for a Leeds based furniture manufacturer. Building relationships with potential customers, managed the sales team's calendar and followed projects from ordering to delivery. Processing orders, managing customer experience, creating marketing content and providing some concept design.

At Molson Coors, one of the largest brewing companies in the world I worked as a tele-account manager, as part of the regional Pub Group team specialising in multi-outlet companies. We worked on specialised contracts, providing for bespoke needs. Managing the daily contact, ordering and issues for high turn-over, high maintenance customers.

I worked in the public library service for Islington Council. Passionately working to provide inclusive services for all parts of the community. I developed outreach projects, events and marketing to promote the services the libraries provided. Working at a number of their sites I managed staff, provided customer service, supervised and took part in all office administration. I enjoyed training new staff and helping to develop people professionally.

At Islington Libraries I was a part a number of committees and steering groups. Proud to be helping  plan for the future, understand and implement plans to create a modern forward thinking service.

I have also worked closely with a friend to create a Creative Agency called Test Space. Originally it was founded to promote young professional creatives in the Leeds area. We created unique events and experiences in unusual spaces. Supporting illlistrators, graph-artists, chefs, musicians, bakers, comedians and dancers. Showing work in cities all round the UK. As well as helping create, plan, develop relationships with venue owners and the creative people, I also hosted and managed many of these events.

As this company developed it eventually moved to London. My involvement grew smaller and I worked almost exclusively as an executive member, offering my support and experience when I could.

Research groups and institutes

  • Socio-Technical Centre
  • Workplace Behaviour Research Centre
  • Centre for Decision Research