New KTP to develop AI-powered business solution

University of Leeds LUBS and School of Computing Join Forces with Katchr to Revolutionise Financial Management in the Legal Services Sector with AI-Powered Dashboard.

The University of Leeds, Leeds University Business School and School of Computing academics and Katchr have secured a prestigious Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project to develop and deploy a specialised AI-powered business solution underpinned by advanced machine learning and AI, the KTP is set to transform financial services for the legal sector, offering personalised solutions. 

What is a KTP 

A KTP is a government sponsored three-way collaboration between a UK-based business (of any size), the University and a KTP Associate (suitably qualified candidate employed full-time to deliver the project). 

The Associate is the key conduit of knowledge transfer from the university to the business. The partnership is established to solve a “business-critical” project of strategic importance for the organisation and impactful for the university. KTP projects can be in any sector and subject area. 

Customised Legal Financial Services 

The project's goal is to create an AI-powered business solution tailored to the unique needs of legal professionals. By harnessing AI, it will streamline financial processes, improve decision-making, and enhance Katchr’s client satisfaction. 

Connecting with Businesses  

About Katchr 

Katchr is the UK’s leading performance management and business analytics solution provider to the legal sector, based in the Leeds City Region LEP; currently used to support and drive change in over 100 law firms. Katchr has been developed with and for law firms and ensures that the data they have locked away is turned into actionable information for every member of the team at the touch of a button. 

With proven integrations to all leading case and practice management systems, Katchr dashboards monitor all aspects of law firm performance including fee earner KPIs, marketing, case progress, risk and compliance, client-matter profitability and departmental P&L. Fully compatible with a smart phone and tablet, Katchr dashboard visualisations and reports can be tailored to each firm and help optimise every aspect of their business operations, marketing and pricing decisions. 

“Katchr have recognised that there is a strategic opportunity to bring innovative use of machine learning to the field of financial management for law firms in which we are already a recognised leader. Working with the academic experts at Leeds University, we are looking to build the next phase of our growth on the AI platform that this collaboration will bring.” (Graham Moore) 

Interdisciplinary Collaboration 

Associate Professors Dr Nabi Omidvar from Leeds University Business School and School of Computing and the Head of AI Applications in Centre for Financial Technology and Innovation will lead the academic team while, Dr Richard Hodgett and Dr Xingjie Wei from the Leeds University Business School will provide academic oversight and support. Their combined expertise not only ensures a comprehensive AI-driven financial solution for Katchr but also ignites industry-informed research, generating impactful insights that lead to the formulation of new foundational research directly informed by real-world needs, alongside fostering research-led teaching. 

" AI is increasingly becoming a critical strategic pillar across diverse industries and services. Despite its origins in computer science, AI innovation thrives with interdisciplinary collaboration, involving experts from various fields beyond just technologists. Companies like Katchr are vital catalysts for innovation, guiding the application of AI in ways that truly meet the nuanced needs of various sectors, including the professional services and beyond. It is with great enthusiasm that we embark on leading this initiative, where we harness state-of-the-art AI technologies for the enhancement of financial performance prediction, risk assessment, and monitoring. Our goal is clear: to empower legal firms with advanced decision-making tools that redefine the standards of efficiency and strategic planning.” 

Promising Future 

The project promises to set new industry standards, benefiting not only the legal sector but also the wider financial services industry. 

For more information about the University of Leeds KTP Office email us at or follow  KTP@Leeds X (Twitter) and LinkedIn channels to access the latest developments on how we support our academic communicate create real world impact through collaboration with industry.  

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