Final year doctoral student.  Researching on the liabilities of foreignness (LOF) encountered by Indian small and medium sized enterprises in international markets. The research is conducted using sequential mixed methods design. 


Scholarships and Awards 

Leeds University International Business Division Scholarship 

AIB Annual Conference - Doctoral Consortium Travel Scholarship (2019) 

Center for International Business at University of Leeds (CIBUL) - Best PhD Research Award 2019 

Best Reviewer Award - AOM International Management Division (2017, 2018, 2020) 

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship for Masters at University of Glasgow (2014-2015) 


Research interests


  • Emerging market small and medium sized firms 

  • Internationally active Indian micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs)

  • Liabilities of foreignness 

  • Intra-country liabilities 

  • Subnational or intra-country variations of Indian economy 

  • Inter-state variations of Indian market

 Experience & Skills 

  • Developing research plans and designs, recruiting participants, developing contextual inquiry, interviewing and analysing the interviews using NVivo. 

  • Data screening, mapping and visualization of the qualitative and quantitative data to identify key patterns and insights.

  • Designing effective and engaging surveys with a logical flow of questions that are easy to understand. Pre-testing the survey to gather reliable and useful information. 

  • Proficient user of Qualtrics for developing a large-scale questionnaire-based survey. 

  • Proficient user of SPSS

  • Understanding of various statistical tests to analyse large datasets.

  • Experience in developing qualitative and quantitative reports summarsing the research findings 

  • Experience in analysing the inconsitencies between observed and expected data 

  • Collaborated with academic researchers for paper publications

  • Teaching experiece – Startegic management, research methods, and various other international business modules 

Software Skills  

  • Surveys: Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, Google surveys

  • Qualitative data analysis: NVivo, Dragon Dictate 

  • Quantitative data analysis: SPSS 


  • Mentored/supervised two students at the University of Otago – Industry based research dissertation 

  • Panellist for a session at 23rd McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference in Denmark (2019) 

  • Qualitative research paper presented at 23rd McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference in Denmark (2019) 

  • Selected for doctoral consortium session at the Academy of International Business 2019 Annual Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Completed the modules by Nordic Research School of International Business (NORD-IB) – A joint initiative among seven business schools in the Northern European countries. (2018-2020)

  • Best conference paper reviewer award for International Management Division - Academy of Management Annual Conference (2017, 2018, 2020)





  • MSc. University of Glasgow
  • Bachelor’s in Business and Management Studies, University of Mumbai (2010-2013)

Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for International Business at the University of Leeds