Video: Rain or Shine? Understanding Public Perceptions of Weather and Climate Risk

Centre for Decision Research

Dr. Andrea Taylor currently holds posts at both the Centre for Decision Research, Leeds University Business School, and the Sustainability Research Institute, School for Earth and the Environment. Her academic background is in the psychology of risk, judgment and decision making, with her PhD work focusing on the effect of numeracy and emotion on decision making under risk.

Dr Andrea Taylor holds a University Academic Fellowship in decision making and preparedness for extreme weather at the University of Leeds, working in both the Business School and the School of Earth and Environment. Coming from a cognitive psychology background, her research focusses on the perception and communication of risk and uncertainty in the context of climate, extreme weather and health. Her paper – “Climate Change Beliefs and Perceptions of Weather-Related Changes in the United Kingdom”, written with Wandi Bruine de Bruin and Suraje Dessai, was the tenth most accessed paper on the Risk Analysis journal website during 2015.

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