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photo of Professor Nick Williams winning best paper award RENT 2019

Professor Nick Williams was awarded best paper for challenging conventional wisdom at the RENT (Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business) Conference.

Photograph of Dr Shahla Ghobadi presenting her research in front of a screen.

Dr Shahla Ghobadi, Senior Lecturer in Information Management, presented her research on crowdfunding in December at HICSS 2020.

Natalie van der Wal in Charles Thackrah building

On Monday 20 January, Dr Natalie van der Wal’s research into understanding human behaviour was featured in an ITV news report discussing ‘Blue Monday’, depression and emotional responses.

Photograph of women analysing charts

There is no ‘I’ in team - as the saying goes. But new research suggests it is important for individuals to feel personal ownership towards a team project in order to be more creative.

Image of Ana-Maria Milescu in China

Final year Management student Ana-Maria Milescu shares her experience of taking part in the Study China Programme in summer 2019.