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Profile picture of Nick Wilson

The study, co-authored by Professor Nick Wilson, has shown that firms owned by private equity had higher growth in sales, assets and other key performance metrics in 2020 and 2021.

Oxfam Christmas window display

With the help of Assistant Professor Jo Townend, Business School Society students worked with Oxfam bookshop in Harrogate to sell secondhand academic textbooks online.

Spring on campus

Banking and Finance graduate, Adnan Uddin is featured in a two-part BBC 2 documentary by Amol Rajan about students from working-class backgrounds landing Britain’s elite jobs.

Iain Clacher

On 12 October, Professor Iain Clacher was quoted in an article for London Daily discussing the current crisis with UK pension funds.

International Partners Day 2022 group

For the first time since the pandemic, Leeds University Business School welcomed partners from institutions across the world to attend the International Partners Day Conference 2022.