MSc Student Mock Assessment Centre Welcomes Industry Leaders

Leaders in Residence recently volunteered to be part of the mock Assessment Centre for MSc Management.

As part of the mock Assessment Centre, students in the morning session had undertaken an e-tray exercise, led by Laura James from Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Leaders then joined the students for a networking lunch followed by group activities led by Jamie Thompson, Director of MTa Learning.

During the lunch and group activities, Leaders assumed the role of recruiters, assessing students in terms of their performance. Students were split into two groups and had 30 minutes each to eat and try to make an impression on the Leaders as ‘recruiters’.

Leaders circulated around the groups, to ensure even contact time. They used their discretion to give feedback, which could include reference to oral communication, analytical thinking, assertiveness, creativity, and time management.

Leaders also gave feedback on any areas for development such as not paying attention, not involving all group members, etc. The students used this session as an opportunity to show their skills and gain advice on acquiring UK based graduate roles. 

A huge thank you to our Leaders in Residence. The Leaders' expertise was greatly appreciated and the students benefited from their feedback.