Professor Gregor Gall comments on the significance of industrial action in 2022

Visiting professor of industrial relations, Gregor Gall asks if we are about to see a revival in the fortunes (and membership numbers) of trade unions.

Writing for The National, Professor Gall asserts that for strikes to have a positive impact on building membership and influence, certain things are required to happen, such as:

  • Various thresholds have to be surpassed
  • Dealing with potential legal challenges from employers, questioning whether ballots were carried out in accordance with the legal regulations
  • Mandates must be implemented
  • And most importantly, to make a significant positive impact, strikes must win their demands.

Professor Gall suggests that the idea of a union default is key to boosting union membership numbers and increasing the bargaining power of such organisations. 

Professor Gall comments:

We could then see unions getting above inflation level deals, stop the race to the bottom and stop non-unionised workers’ pay and ­conditions pulling down those of ­unionised workers so the opposite could happen – unionised workers would pull up non-unionised workers. Otherwise, unions will be forever scrapping around for crumbs off the bosses’ table, more akin to collective begging than collective bargaining.

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