Watch webinar "Understanding Contemporary Self-Employment"

Rachel Lara Cohen, Professor of Sociology at City, University of London, analysed activities performed by self-employed workers.

Watch the webinar here


This seminar seeks to a) explore the scope, experiences and representations of self-employment and b) how sociologists have understood and conceptualised self-employment. It analyses the kind of activities that are performed by self-employed workers, highlighting the importance of occupational career paths. And, in contradistinction to representations of self-employment as overwhelmingly positive (entrepreneurship) or overwhelmingly negative (namely a core component of gig work), it suggests that self-employment occupies a complex but important ideological, social and economic space in contemporary capitalism.


Rachel Lara Cohen is a Professor of Sociology at the City, University of London. She is currently writing a book about self-employment. Other interests include non-standard work, work-life boundaries, body work, emotional labour, craft, identity and the relationship of feminism to quantitative methods.

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