How will the cost of living crisis impact professional football?

Speaking to, Dr Mike Reynolds has commented on how the cost of living crisis could impact professional football.

The article, entitled ‘How will the cost of living crisis impact professional football?’, discusses the ongoing cost of living crisis and how that could affect football clubs and their supporters.

When asked about the possible impact on clubs, Dr Reynolds told Planet Sport:

Looking at spending, it will be interesting to see what people prioritise. It's going to be hard to work out how that's going to impact football. Will prices go up, so will people cut back and stop spending on football clubs? In terms of Premier League clubs, how much do they really rely on that little bit of spending around the edges?

When considering the ‘lifeblood of of the clubs’, the fans, Dr Reynolds added:

Football clubs could take a good lead saying we will freeze ticket prices, we won't put prices up because you're important to us and we know you're going through tough times.

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