Dr Hardy comments on 'historic victory' for au pairs and nannies

Dr Kate Hardy features in an Independent article on 23 March 2022 discussing the government’s plans to eradicate the legal loophole which left live-in workers exempt from minimum wage laws.

Rules implemented in 1999 outlined a ‘family worker exemption’ which stipulated employees needn’t be paid minimum wage if they are living in the home of their employer and are treated like they are part of the family.

The Nanny Solidarity Network, which has been calling for better pay and conditions since the Covid crisis, provided the Low Pay Commission with personal testimonies submitted by nannies and au pairs.

The government has now lent their backing to the Low Pay Commission’s advice to change the law on minimum wage for live-in workers.

Speaking on the victory, Dr Hardy commented: “Nannies enable thousands of parents to attend work each day and have seen their work intensify throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, during which many of them were locked down 24 hours a day with their employers.”

Despite the essential nature of this work, they have been historically ignored and excluded from government regulation. This ruling rightly brings nannies' employment into public view and finally affords them the protections and basic conditions given to other workers.

The full Independent article is available to read on MSN News.

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