LUBS Alumnus featured in Vogue

Photographer, producer and writer, Eniafe Momodu (BA Economics and Philosophy, 2019) was recently featured in Vogue.

Eniafe is featured as part of Vogue’s latest project Youthquake, which invites readers to discover how artists, musicians, actors, designers and models are radically reimagining the future. “There’s a changing of the guard in fashion and culture. Gen-Z creators are pushing the conversation forward in ways both awe-inspiring and audacious.”

“Where elsewhere men may shy from colorful fabrics and oversized dramatic silhouettes, in Lagos, Nigeria, they wear them as a symbol of wealth and great personal style. Each fashion week, you’ll see these men dressed in their best eye-catching prints, dramatic arm details, and flowing bodices, determined to outshine everyone else on the street style scene. Among this group is Eniafe Momodu…..who currently works as a photographer, producer, and writer, has become one of Lagos’s most recognizable Gen-Z style icons with over 24,000 Instagram followers.”

“My typical silhouette involves something long and free-flowing,” says Eniafe, “There’s a certain ease of movement that I try to convey through my style, which also speaks to my personality. I don’t subscribe to the belief that fashion is pain. Comfort can be very stylish. For me, what I wear isn’t really about how I look. I’m far more concerned with the message behind what I’m wearing. I always think deeply about what a garment says about me, but also what it says about culture, gender, sustainability, and other facets of our society.”

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