On a mission to help small businesses make it big

In an article published by the Yorkshire Post on 10 February, Director of Enterprise Dr Richard Tunstall showcases how the Business School is dedicated to supporting local businesses.

Within the article, titled ‘On a mission to help small businesses make it big’ [print], Dr Tunstall outlines the Business School initiatives that can help support local entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Dr Tunstall commented:

We help to upskill the workforce, delivering impactful business research and supporting entrepreneurs, and part of our core mission is to help small businesses grow and expand. These small enterprises and businesses are at the heart of our community and economy. They are crucial to driving innovation, investment and jobs in the region.

In recognition of our work, the Business School was recently awarded the Small Business Charter award, a mark of excellence for UK business schools. The award celebrates the role that business schools play in supporting small businesses, local economies and student entrepreneurship. Alongside the three year charter, we received special exemplar status – which is considered to be examples of national excellence – for our ‘With Enterprise’ undergraduate degree programme and our ‘Enterprise ambassador’ scheme.

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