Celebrating Volunteers’ Week 2021

The Business School is celebrating the stories of alumni who give their time to causes all over the world as part of Volunteers’ Week 2021.

We’re delighted to share a volunteering story of Sneha Bose (MSc International Business, 2014).

Sneha is a wonderful advocate for volunteering. Not only does she work as a Communications Strategist for 2 charities named The Widows Foundation and Orphanage Care and Support Foundation in Nigeria, but she also lends her time to the Business School to help develop students.

We asked Sneha why she volunteers her time to the Business School, she said

It is a great opportunity, and you feel connected to your alma mater even after the graduation.

She continues “I am proud of Leeds, and I want everyone else to experience the Leeds environment too.”

You can find out more information at Orphan Care and Support Foundation and The Widow Foundation.

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