Professor Trappmann on meal delivery co-ops in The Guardian

Professor Vera Trappmann commented in an article published by The Guardian looking at how worker-led delivery collectives are springing up to reclaim control from corporate platforms like Deliveroo.

In the article from 10 May titled ‘'More than a job': the meal delivery co-ops making the gig economy fairer’, Professor Trappmann discussed how the cooperative model shines a light on a different, better future.

Professor Trappmann is one of the co-authors of ‘Global labour unrest on platforms: the case of food delivery workers’, and thinks the cooperative model shows us the possibility of a different future – “of alternative ways of dividing up risks and earnings”.

She commented:

We know that young people especially don’t like working in the bureaucratic, exploitative environments offered by many companies and as such, often opt for self-employment.

“They’re more prone to questioning the value of working for corporations, and co-ops may become more and more of a home for such people.”

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