Dr Marica Grego in dissertation award success

Dr Marica Grego, Teaching Fellow of the International Business Division, has been selected as a finalist in two international dissertation awards.

Dr Marica Grego’s work has been selected as a finalist for the Academy of Management’s (AOM) Northeastern University Dissertation Award 2021 and the Adam Smith Best Dissertation Award 2021.

Dr Grego’s work has been shortlisted for the Northeastern University Award under the cateogory of the International Management (IM) Division at the D'Amore-McKim School of Business. This award is presented to the best dissertation submitted to the IM Division, and is open to all Ph.D. and D.B.A. students who have successfully completed their dissertations during the 2020 calendar year. The dissertations must contribute to basic or applied knowledge on topics within the domain statement of the IM Division.

The Adam Smith Best Doctoral Dissertation Award recognises doctoral research that has made significant contribution to the field of International Business. The competition is open to all candidates who have obtained their doctoral degrees from a UK or Ireland based institution or candidates who have participated in a doctoral colloquium organised by the AIB-UKI chapter in the past.

The main objective of Dr Grego’s dissertation is to capture the unexplored dimensions in managers’ decisions to internationalise the firm. Psychological factors – especially affective reasons – represent one of the most underdeveloped aspects in International Business (IB). By capturing the affective or the automatic/unconscious aspects of managerial cognition, the research promotes a new ‘hot cognitive’ perspective. A hot cognitive perspective offers a more realistic representation of managerial behaviour because it takes into account aspects of intentionality (beliefs, desires, feelings and emotions) that cannot be represented by purely cognitive mechanisms. Secondly, when combined with existing behavioural assumptions, a hot cognitive perspective can increase the predictive ability of traditional theories by revealing a novel mechanism through which managers formulate their preferences. 

Dr Grego will be presenting her dissertation at the annual meeting of AIB UK & Ireland Chapter Conference (14-16 April 2021) and at a specially designed session during the AOM Annual Meeting (29 July-4 August 2021), where the prize winners will be announced.