Undergraduate October Prize Winners

The October Prize Giving Celebration rewards our high achieving first and second year undergraduate students.

These awards are based on the summer assessments, and range from highest module mark to highest overall programme mark. This celebration recognised and rewarded the hard work these students put in over the last year.

Here are this year’s winners:

Dean’s Performance Prize
(In Level 1 and 2 order)
Accounting and Finance - Anthi Kaminaridou and Matthew Davies
Economics - Konstantin Kuzmanov and Emma Goodall
International Business - Sharon Lawry and Olivia Lewis
Management - Monica Salvatierra and Olivia Lane
Work and Employment Relations - Skye Hodgson and Amy Bingham

Dean’s Improvement Prize
Accounting and Finance - Suzanne Rawlinson
Economics - Ellie Middleton
International Business - Jack Long
Management - James McDonagh
Work and Employment Relations - Alexandra Cornwell

ICAEW Prize for Intermediate Financial Accounting
International Business – Olivia Lewis

The Denise Gallagher Prize for Accounting
Anthi Kaminaridou
Ritvik Mewari

The Richard Mayne Prize
Achieved a mark of 84 which is the highest mark across the cohort
International Business – Olivia Lewis

West Yorkshire Society of Chartered Accountants (WYSCA) Prizes
Accounting and Finance – Matthew Davies

The Edward Elgar Prize for Innovation Economics
Melissa Bell

The Gareth Mound Memorial Prize
Economics – Mohammed Miah

The Oxford University Press Prize for Economics
Ellie Middleton

The Oxford University Press Prize for Economics (Economics and Global History)
Tom Fleming

The Pearson Education Prize for Economics
Lily Oliver-Hall

The Oxford University Press Prize for Organisational Behaviour
Economics and Management – Charlotte Blay

The Pearson Education Prize for Level 2 Management
Olivia Lane

Crabtree Undergraduate Award for Academic Excellence at Level 1
Accounting and Finance – Anthi Kaminaridou

Open University Press (OUP) Principles of International Business Prize
Sophie Sinclair-Reeks

LUBS2850 Marketing Prize
Geography and Management – Ryan Barker

For more information on the October Prize Giving celebration, please contact LUBSOpportunity@leeds.ac.uk