Masters students joined by Smartia to discuss project management and data science

Msc Business Analytics and Decision Science students were joined by Asim Majid and Parvez Alam Kazi, from Smartia, to discuss project management, AI, machine learning and data science.

Smartia are implementing cutting edge AI and machine learning in the manufacturing industry, with clients such as Rolls Royce and the National Composites Centre.

Their expertise in exploratory data science allows them to analyse industrial data in order to predict equipment failures and streamline production processes, saving manufacturers sizeable amounts of money. 

The masters students were given valuable insights into the practical application of data science in project management.

Asim and Parvez covered the separate stages of a project and their associated time frames.

They also covered the key challenges of their industry, such as poor IT infrastructure, low available budgets and potentially low compliance, due to an unwillingness to readily embrace new tech.

The session lasted 45 minutes and closed with a brief Q&A, where questions about tech in healthcare and job satisfaction were covered.