MBA Entrepreneur visits Leeds

When studying for an MBA, our students have a number of opportunities to engage with the Leeds University Business School alumni network.

We recently welcomed back Nikhil Hegde, MBA 2014. Originally from India, Nikhil is now a Co-Founder of 6Degree Networks Limited and works between India and the UK. Nikhil met with our current MBA class to share his experiences of the course, the city and the ups and downs of launching a business of his own.

6Degree Networks Limited is a niche online talent networking platform, associated with numerous fashion events. It provides opportunities for emerging global designers to showcase their work.  Nikhil’s business started right here in the Business School and has grown across the UK and India since its launch in 2014.

On his greatest challenge faced when starting a new business Nikhil said:

I’ve made a lot of mistakes; that’s a good thing! With every mistake there is a new learning. The greatest challenge I faced was learning how to make a business plan. Investors need business plans. They need to know exactly what you’ll be doing in five years’ time, when you don’t know what you’ll be doing five minutes from now. How to create this document? This is what Leeds University Business School teaches you

Nikhil is actively involved in the Leeds University Business School Alumni groups in India, attending networking events throughout the year.