Dr Sahas Bunditkul featured in 50 MBA Stories

On Friday 13 October Dr Sahas Bunditkul (MBA 1984) featured on the AMBA website as part of AMBA’s 50 MBA Stories.

The stories are part of a blog series on the AMBA website, celebrating the successful careers of 50 high profile MBA graduates.

Dr Bunditkul came to the Business School in 1983 to begin his MBA, he was among the first MBA intake at the University of Leeds. He completed his thesis on the subject of Cost Accounting and Finance, under the British Government Scholarships.

Dr Bunditkul credits his MBA for his successful career, he commented:

My MBA helped me to remarkably extend my career path and leadership journey. It helped me gain positions such as the Deputy Prime Minister, and Interim Foreign Minister of Thailand.

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