Industry Leaders Unpack Current Ethical Challenges at LUBS Ethics Panel

The LUBS Ethics Panel was a one-hour online event during which a panel of industry professionals came together to share insights on the ethical challenges and dilemmas facing their sectors in 2023.

We were delighted to have a panel of industry experts kindly volunteer  to share their knowledge and experience with current students in LUBS. As well as offering industry insight on ethical issues across a variety of sectors, the event also gave students the opportunity to hear about a range of different careers.

During the first half of the event panelists introduced themselves and gave a brief overview of the types of ethical issues that came up in their sectors. There was then time for a Q&A from attendees, which included questions around workforce diversity, artificial intelligence and which industries demonstrate higher and lower levels of corporate social responsibility. 

Participant feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with students noting how the discussions helped them with topics they are currently learning about, via both taught modules and the final year dissertation project. One respondent noted that they particularly enjoyed the "variety of perspectives, as well as how they built on earlier comments to elaborate on different points", with another suggesting that they enjoyed "being able to hear different perspectives on ethics from different industry types e.g. consulting vs retail vs small businesses". 

Overall, a great success and one that we will seek to develop in the future. Special thanks go to our panelists: 

  • Rachel Dickens, Responsible Sourcing and Human Rights Manager, Asda

  • Louise Elliott, Consultant, Equal Experts 

  • Brenda Etchells, Self-employed Strategy Consultant 

  • John Honey, Programme Manager, KPMG 

  • Chloe Martyn, Commercial Director, TCM Capital 

  • Annabel Tonge, Director, Q5