MBA Student wins award in Leeds SPARK Venture Competition

LUBS MBA student Gharjyot Singh and his team has won a prize at SPARK competition

Congratulations to LUBS MBA Student Gharjyot Singh and his team (Arpit Garg, Lu Wei, and Takeshi Aoki) who recently won an award in Leeds University’s SPARK Venture Competition.

The competition is run by Spark, University of Leeds Business Start-up Support, and aims to create a “Competition Scenario” for teams of students to test their business simulation skills. The fully inclusive and accessible competition is open to student teams from all seven faculties at the University of Leeds which makes it particularly competitive.

Gharjyot and his team were one of the eight finalists. They competed for a full day against other teams before finally being scored a prize. Regarding the experience of the competition, Gharjyot says:

I was absolutely thrilled to have clinched a spot in the Leeds Venture competition! This win is a testament to the invaluable learning offered by the Leeds University business school in the MBA program. My prior role as a CEO of CerebrumInfotech and the diverse background of my team played a crucial role in navigating the competition, which involved real-time business environment simulations, requiring core decisions in every aspect while aiming for the highest company evaluation. Moving forward, I am eager to apply this newfound knowledge, enhancing my strategic approach and contributing to the success of future ventures. I am grateful for the opportunity and excited about the journey ahead!

Spark support is available to students, as well as for alumni for up to seven years after graduation. Take a look and see how SPARK can help you start your own business with the award-winning service.