Entrepreneur Anith Puthiyankath inspires MBA students

On 29 November Anith Puthiyankath (MBA 2002) came back to campus to meet our MBA students

We were delighted to welcome alumnus Anith Puthiyankath (MBA 2002) back to campus to meet our MBA students and share his stories from his time in Leeds and his subsequent entrepreneurship journey with them.

During his talk, Anith advised students on how to make the most of their time in Leeds, including things he wished he had done differently and how to recognise opportunities. He also spoke about the intricacies of his business journey, discussing both challenges and triumphs. During a Q&A, Anith offered thoughtful and practical advice to students – many of whom wanted to set up their own business ventures. 

The session allowed current MBA students to gain valuable perspectives from a successful graduate who has made significant achievements in the business world. Anith grew up in the world of business, as a 3rd generation member of the Ittiyera Group: a 100–year–old family business, producing and trading edible oils, founded in 1921 in Kerala-India. Today apart from managing the family business, Anith is involved with a select group of businesses like World of Origins and Vanamoolika. Founded by Anith, World of Origins works closely with farmers and producers around the world. The company focuses on identifying and developing exclusive markets and clientele for its producers. Vanamoolika on the other hand took shape as an organic farmer collective around 30 years ago. As a member of the Advisory & Administrative Board, Anith is responsible for the commercial strategy of the organisation.
Richard Hodget (MBA Director) says

I really enjoyed hearing about Anith’s journey from Leeds MBA to becoming an incredibly successful entrepreneur. Anith posed the question – was it luck or graft that got him to where he is today? Clearly it was innovative thinking, strategic decision making and hard work. Anith created a very successful product line which is sold in Harrods, offering the world’s best coconut oil and pepper. There was a real buzz in the room. I really want to thank Anith for his insightful talk and for answering the many questions from our eager MBAs.

Anith spoke as part of our “Lunch with Alumni” series – if you are a graduate of the Business School and interested in sharing your career story with students, please get in touch with us at alumni@lubs.leeds.ac.uk