KPMG Consulting Director Delivers Insightful Lecture to Management Students

A guest lecture with Caroline Allen – Consulting Director at KPMG. Delivered to Leeds University Business School undergraduate students studying on the module LUBS 2970 Corporate Social Responsibility

With special thanks to Caroline Allen, Consulting Director at KPMG for delivering such an insightful guest lecture to our undergraduate students on the LUBS 2970 Corporate Social Responsibility module.

Thank you, Caroline, for taking the time to shed light on important issues relating to business integrity and risk management in the context of values, soft vs. hard controls, modern slavery, people power, compliance framework response and much much more!

An excellent talk with lots of discussion generated by interesting questions from the students. 

We’re very grateful for your contribution to LUBS, and our students are looking forward to future guest lectures.

Dr Rajinder Bhandal