Alumni contribution recognised by Bank of Uganda

Business School Alumni have been recognised as 'Exceptional Performers' and 'Best Staff Member' by the Bank of Uganda (Central Bank) for 2021/2022.

We are delighted that that two Business School alumni, Anjelo Okot (PhD Economics 2021) and Ritah Ampaire Byoruganda (MSc Economics and Finance 2018) have both been recognised as ‘Exceptional Performers’ by the Bank of Uganda (Central Bank) for the Financial Year 2021/2022. 

While Bank of Uganda recognised 13 exceptional performers for the 2021/2022 financial year, Anjelo was named the overall winner due to the innovative model he developed for managing the liquidity risks facing Central Bank foreign reserves management. This model has been approved by the Bank of Uganda and is an important tool for managing its foreign exchange. Anjelo joined Bank of Uganda in 2012 as an Investment Research Analysist responsible for exploring investment options and strategies for the management of foreign exchange reserves. He later joined the Financial Risk Division and holds the role of Financial Risk Specialist. 

Ritah was recognised as an exceptional performer and the ‘Best Staff Member’ in the Communications Department. She conceptualised, developed and brought to fruition two key initiatives that are aimed at enhancing Central Bank communication; the Monetary Policy Forum (MPF) and the Financial Stability Symposium (FSS).

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