Alumna flying high due to perseverance

Jane Mpapalika (MA Economics 2010) is featured in a recent magazine article in The Citizen, Tanzania.

Jane is currently Senior Researcher in the Capacity Building and Collaborations Department at Research on Poverty Alleviation Programme Limited (Repoa) - Tanzania’s main think-tank mandated to influence policy through evidence-based research and policy dialogues. But she has worked hard to develop her career.

The Citizen is quoted as saying: “Her humble upbringing made her set the bar high for her future aspirations. Right from a tender age, she knew she needed to work hard at school and in the workplace and thus she envisioned herself as a woman of substance.”

“Just last year she won a fifth coveted award when she was named the Most Influential Young Economist (MIYE) in Sub-Saharan Africa. That was after winning the Oxford University Achievement Award Winner in Oil, Gas and Mining in 2019; UN Young Professional in 2019; Witwatersrand University Post-Graduate Merit Award in 2014 and the Graduate Institute of Geneva/Peking University Award in 2016.”

Jane is quoted as saying: “As a senior researcher, I usually to urge women to showcase their potential, no matter how small it is. On the career path, every little step matters. One day, they will finally see light at the end of the tunnel,” 

“At the institutional level and in my capacity as a senior researcher and gender-focal person, Repoa has enabled me to empower hundreds of women in East Africa. The platform that Repoa has provided me with has helped me to build long-term relations and given me a deeper sense of belonging,” Jane adds.

Read the full article on The Citizen.