I hold a Masters’ of Science Degree in Economics and Finance with Distinction from the University of Leeds. Further, I possess a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Economics major and Demography minor) with Merit from the University of Zambia. I have working experience in development work, research, lecturing, monitoring and evaluation through my involvement with training institutions, financial institutions, think tanks, research institutions and development organisations. In addition to above competencies, I also possess excellent skills in the following data analysis software: Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS), Stata, Microsoft Package and Eviews. I am a proactive, result oriented individual who believes in teamwork, accountability, transparency, integrity, and achieving targets set to tight deadlines.

Research interests

In current literature, a strong relationship has been established between financial sector development and economic growth. In this argument, one major assumption that is made is that economic agents (businesses and households) have access to, and utilise appropriate financial services in the economy. However, this assumption does not hold in most developing countries such as the Sub-Saharan African region which has low levels of access to financial services (high financial exclusion). Therefore, in our research work, we conduct an empirical analysis into understanding the operations of these nascent financial systems. We use econometric models to understand the role of market (mis)trust in facilitating inclusive financial systems that deliver equitable economic outcomes for citizens of the SSA regions. Further, we investigate the influencers and source of market (mis)trust in the interaction between financial service providers and consumers. Lastly, we concentrate on understanding consumer financial health and its contribution to the economic growth arguments that has been postulated in extant literature. Our research employs evidence from the Kenyan financial system.


  • MSc. Economics and Finance
  • Bachelor of Arts (Economics major)