Triana Hadiprawoto

Triana Hadiprawoto


Triana is a PhD Candidate at the Marketing Division of Leeds University Business School who started her research on February 2017. Currently, she focuses her PhD on omnichannel retailing, where she studies the complexities of consumers’ interaction with touchpoints and channels, understanding the experience emerged from such interaction, and the engagement formed. She attended and presented her research at EDAMBA Summer Research Academy in Athens in July 2018 and Oxford Future Retail Conference in December 2018. She also participated in a doctoral consortium of AMA Global Marketing SIG Conference in Buenos Aires in May 2019. She engaged in teaching and assisting research projects at Leeds University Business School.

Prior to her current position, she was working in the Sales and Marketing department for Coca-Cola in Indonesia. She held various positions responsible for areas such as general trade sales, trade marketing, and vending machine business. A year before she started her PhD program, she worked as a product manager in a company focuses on imported products, Dima Indonesia.


Research interests

Triana has a research interest in retailing primarily on the subject of omnichannel retailing and customer experience. Related to omnichannel retailing, she is interested in various topic related to digital touchpoints and channels. Besides her current project, she also puts attention on the theme of mobile payment, personalisation, and private label.


  • BSc Management
  • MSc International Marketing Management,

Research groups and institutes

  • Global and Strategic Marketing Research Centre